Nina Kurtela & Hana Erdman


A collaboration with the artists Nina Kurtela and Hana Erdman 

How is movement affected by the extreme working conditions of today like constant mobility, dislocation, homelessness, exhaustion? Is there a form of communication over distance that functions without speech or signs? Can dance be an imaginary space of belonging?
In 2018 Innervisions explores these questions with its cover art through a collaboration with Nina Kurtela and Hana Erdman, two artists and long distance friends. Images taken from their project „365 routines“ depict bits from a year long choreography, their only form of contact. The choreography was developed by exchanging dance movements on a daily basis through video. Routine after routine a sense of remote togetherness unravels on screen. Dancing becomes home for the two. Since „365 routines“ is a video, Innervisions will coordinatly expand the frame of its visual communication. For that reason the label invited the graphic designer Rafaela Drazic to join the collaboration. Throughout the year Rafaela will create derivates from the videos. Derivates are extracted video stills paired with a typographic and chromatic environment suitable for the hybrid media involved in releases online and in print. In doing so Innervisions attempts to capture the atmosphere of dancing as a humane bond in the age of non-human interaction.

 Text by Ana Ofak